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March 12th, 2023 – Osaka


Solio Takarazuka Urban Development Co., Ltd.

〒665-0845 Hyogo, Takarazuka, Sakaemachi, 2 Chome−1−2 Solio Building #2, 6F

Event Schedule

The schedule is subject to change. There are eighteen presentations, currently 8 C, 6 NC and 4 TBC.

KEY: C = commercial, NC = non-commercial presentation; TBC = to be confirmed.  See below for more details on presenters and presentations, in alphabetical order by surname.

10:00 – 10:45

Session 1

Room 1

Katrin Bee

The Money Project That Worked. NC.

Room 2



11:15 – 12:00

Session 2

Room 1

Jeremy Lanig

Maximize Student Motivation with Battle Eggs Card Game. C.

Room 2

Presenter TBC

Topic TBC.

12:30 – 13:15

Session 3

Room 1

Jeremy Lanig

How to Teach Effective Routine-based Lessons Without Preparation. C.

Room 2

Eric Kane

10 Things Teachers Forget.

Sponsored by englishbooks.jp

13:15 – 14:15


14:15 – 15:00

Session 4

Room 1

Simon Moran

Digital transformation with Happy Valley Digitial and bokoco. C.

Room 2

Vielka Dacquel

How to Recruit Teachers from the Philippines.

15:30 – 16:15

Session 5

Room 1

Timothy Hill

How to effectively use Ready, Set, Eigo! in the classroom. C.

Room 2

Peter Lackner

Get a (better) job now! C.

16:45 – 17:30

Session 6

Room 1


What is the best EFL approach for Japanese children? Do we need native-speaking teachers? NC.

Room 2


School owners’ forum. NC.

Katrin Bee
Katrin has been teaching ESOL for 14 years. Her teaching experience includes elementary, middle, high school and university. Katrin creates original lesson plans that focus on production and context-driven tasks.
The Money Project That Worked
Money is a hot topic that allows teachers to engage students in a variety of activities. We will test this Money Project and then deconstruct it to explore what procedures make it effective in elementary, middle and high school settings. The presenter will demonstrate photos from actual classes to illustrate the approach. Attendees are encouraged to participate in the discussion, brainstorm and sketch a similar lesson plan for their own students.
Aimed at: Teachers of learners of all ages.
Language of the Presentation: English
Non-Commercial Presentation.
Vielka Dacquel
Marketing Manager and Board of Directors at PHHS Inc. a Philippine recruitment company that has been sending workers to different parts of the world since 1977.
How to Recruit Teachers from the Philippines
From recruitment, selection, interview, immigration requirements and the Philippine government process, our company PHHS Inc. guides employers to successfully hire teachers from the Philippines.
Aimed at: School owners.
Language of the Presentation: English

Commercial Presentation.

Timothy Hill
Timothy Hill is a father, school owner, and game developer who is passionate about making English lessons engaging and memorable.
How to effectively use Ready, Set, Eigo! in the classroom.

Ready, set, Eigo! is a must-try game in the classroom! The rules are simple; the game is all about matching the picture cards in your hand to the appropriate description card after it is drawn. Come learn from the game’s creator how best to use it in your lessons.

Aimed at: Elementary, Junior and High School, General English.
Language of the Presentation: English
Commercial Presentation.

Eric Kane
A teacher, school owner, publisher and educational YouTuber who has been in the classroom for over 25 years.
10 Things Teachers Forget
A practical presentation sharing some teaching essentials the presenter has learned, forgotten and remembered again.
Peter Lackner
Peter Lackner is the Managing Partner at JobsinJapan.com and has had management-level positions at major job boards in Japan including: CareerCross.com, GaijinPot, CareerEngine and currently at JobsinJapan.com. Running a job board gives Peter the opportunity to speak with employers and job seekers every day and find out why some are successful and others are not. Speaking to both employers and job seekers has given Peter the ability to be able to see both sides of the hiring process. 
Get a (better) job now!
Whether you are actively looking for a job or ready to jump ship, don’t miss this seminar.  Learn what you should and should not be doing to get a better job.
Aimed at: All job seekers and recruiters.
Language of the Presentation: English
Commercial Presentation.
Jeremy Lanig
Jeremy Lanig is the founder of BINGOBONGO Learning. When he’s not busy making effective resources, he’s usually trying to defend his world record for most udon eaten in 3 minutes!
Maximize Student Motivation with Battle Eggs Card Game
Battle Eggs is a collectible card game (CCG) with incredible potential for teaching young learners foundational vocabulary, including colors, shapes, numbers, emotions, months, food, and more. In this presentation, Jeremy will explain the game’s fundamentals and show how it can be used to energize your lesson plans.
How to Teach Effective Routine-based Lessons Without Preparation
Join Jeremy from Step by Step Eikaiwa as he explains how after 10 years of trial and error combined with teaching through 1 pandemic, he has finally found his recipe for effective lesson routines that require little or no prep time.
Aimed at: Kindergarten, elementary, JHS school age Teachers.
Language of the Presentations: English
Commervial presentations.
Simon Moran

CEO of ME Learning, products and brands include: Modern English, Happy Valley, Live Schedule, bokoco, Fraice and The Double Deckers. Simon arrived in Japan from Newcastle in 1995 with £200 in his pocket. Since then he’s built a school chain and international publishing business from scratch, and had lots of help along the way.

Digital transformation with Happy Valley Digitial and bokoco. 
In this presentation, we look at Happy Valley Digital and bokoco. These encompass digital books, videos, audio, games for lessons, and self-study, with AI-supported self-play games. The presenter will run through the platforms and show how to create a lesson and how to implement for the benefit of students, parents, teachers and schools.
Aimed at: Kindergarten, elementary teachers, school owners, digital creators.
Language of the presentation: English.
Commercial Presentation.