EFL Japan is an independent, association-agnostic organisation. 

EFL Japan Summit are BRAND NEW events where all are welcome, regardless of any or no association; where teachers, school owners, publishers, learners and others can come together to better help all English language learners.

EFL Japan especially encourages the participation of Japanese teachers of English, often notable by their absence at events.

EFL Japan is built around cooperation and sharing of knowledge within the community so we can better serve our students.

Introducing Our Team

Our team of professionals has many years of experience in EFL, both on the management side and the educational side.

We know how hard teachers work to help their students.

We know how hard companies work to make to provide great materials for students and teachers and valuable services to EFL businesses.

Ai Haori

Sunny Bunny, Tokyo venue

Masaki Homma

MS Conexion, Sales and marketing manager

Jeff Hodsdon

Easy Fun Learning, Osaka venue

Tracy Seeley

That English School, Lead volunteer

Peter Lackner

Jobs in Japan

Simon Moran

ME Learning

With thanks: Kenn Gale, No Borders, Nagoya; 

EFL Japan and EFL Japan Summit events are not associated with any other events or associations, in Japan or elsewhere, other than our named sponsors.